Carbon Dioxide (CO2)

Yes, you are right when saying “Fossil come from organic material deposited over millions and millions of years.” (Oil, gas and coal).

In addition to all that, tree, plants and animals that eat plants, or Carbon Dioxide (CO2), plankton in the sea that are living and feeding of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and takes it out of the system when dying and sinking to the bottom of the sea, and ends up as sediments deposited on the bottom in thick layers that over time is being pressed together forming the sea bedrock in an ongoing process that never stops.

The plankton, animals and even dead trees and other organic material are being deposited. Over time, as it ends up deeper and deeper the pressure and heat increases, and slowly all organic material will be broken down and after millions of years we can drill down and get it out as oil and gas, or as coal (on shore).

Because of continental drift, huge areas of the sea bottom has been pressed down under other continental plates and in to the earth again (subduction). We also know from research that huge continental plates, with sea water (and of course also Carbon Dioxide, CO2), is down there, not even melted yet. In that process huge amounts of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is being lost for millions of years until we get it back up to the surface into the atmosphere through volcanic activity. We can not exclude the possibility that that is the main reason the level of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) are so low in modern time.

All of these processes has been going on for so long throughout the planets existence, – probably billions of years, it’s only logical, – it must have been enormous amounts of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) all over the planet, we know that simply because it’s still not empty. The earth must, virtually, have been drowning in abundance of Carbon Dioxide (CO2). Despite that high level of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) it is safe to state as an undisputed fact, that life developed (look in the mirror) because we are here, animals are here, trees and plants are here (there was no runaway temperature rise). We also know Carbon Dioxide (CO2) level was over 8000 ppmv. 650 million years ago, it is only reasonable to assume if we go back even further, the levels most certainly must have been even higher.

Climate change is weather over time, manmade, dangerous climate change is not even possible, even if we wanted, we just don’t have enough cars or coal driven power plants. In short we do not have the technology. So no, i do not worry. What i do worry about is the lack of moral alarmists are displaying when pursuing this hoax, – and their willingness to let millions of people starve to death. That is really alarming!

How much water do we get from space and in to the atmosphere each year as part of meteors?

How much Carbon Dioxide (CO2) do we get from space and in to the atmosphere each year as part of meteors?

Do the water in meteors contain Carbon Dioxide (CO2)?

The more time we are wasting on Al Gore and his selfish swindle the more likely we are to be wiped out of existence by one of them (read: Meteor.)

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