Stupidity is king!

How do you explain there’s been no warming for 416 years? It’s been up and down, but now it’s back to square 1. No change in 416 years ..!

12  Ref. Tony Brown “The Long, Slow  Thaw”.

And, what about this; The theories from IPCC say the oceans should warm, but it’s not there .. 93% of the warming caused by Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is not there, why??


As you can see in the graph under, it’s not warming, it hasn’t been warming for almost 2 decades now .. Why?


It’s actually started to cool, why? Did we park ALL our cars? And what is happening in the Antarctic?


How is this even possible when we continue to push more and more Carbon Dioxide (CO2) in to the atmosphere?


By now you might think, if this is true there’s something wrong. But of course you wouldn’t think that they have been lying to you ..? But there’s a consensus ..? Yes, there is a consensus. Real scientists say there’s no man made global warming, no anthropogenic global warming at all. Everybody knows that, that’s why there’s no debate anymore. Only one debating the science are the fools, and while the fools are debating, EPA and the government slowly takes away your freedom, add taxes and implementing more and more regulations. But you won’t notice, you’re too busy discussing an issue that has long been settled..

So again, – Stupidity is king! Does it hurt???

.. but did they tell you what they had decided? Of course not, – they are not stupid!

WSJ Op-Ed: Climate Science Is Not Settled. We are very far from the knowledge needed to make good climate policy

 Physicist Dr. Steven Koonin, who is the Chairman of the American Physical Society [APS] subcommittee in charge of revising the APS 2007 Climate Change Statement, reveals in this Wall Street Journal op-ed his skepticism of the so-called “settled” climate “consensus,” and notes the fundamental unanswered problems of climate sensitivity to CO2, feedbacks, the many problems inherent in climate models, the lack of understanding and “several dozen” excuses for the 18+ year “pause” of global warming, the missing AGW ‘hot spot’, lack of acceleration of sea level rise [which means there is no evidence of a man-made influence on sea levels], the IPCC’s willful omission of these problems in the Summary for Policymakers, and other fundamental issues regarding the fictitious so-called “settled” “consensus.”
Dr. Koonin also served as Undersecretary for Science in the US Department of Energy during President Barack Obama’s first term.

The forthcoming revision of the APS Climate Change Statement will likely reflect Chairman Koonin’s skeptical views, which has some rabid warmists very worried that “the APS has been arrogantly negligent in its handling of the coming Climate Change position statement,” that Chairman Dr. Koonin has “hit the fan,” and “this sucks.”  
Read the whole story at The Hockey Schtick ..

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