Not a temperature driver!


Carbon Dioxide (CO2) does not run the show!

NOAA Confirms With Empirical Proof: CO2 Changes Not Causing Dangerous Global Temperature Changes

We’ve been told by the climate experts that increases in atmospheric CO2 levels will cause Earth to warm rapidly and dangerously, to the point where civilization’s existence was threatened…but what if these “experts” were completely wrong and there is actual empirical evidence to prove them wrong?….

Well, the NOAA empirical evidence from their global temperature dataset indicates that longer term changes in atmospheric CO2 levels are definitely not producing anywhere near the expected long-term changes in global temps, as predicted.

Indeed, “wrong” is likely an understatement.

As a result, the experts’ CO2-induced CAGW IPCC hypothesis is revealed for its true nature – basically, a hypothetical nothing-burger.

Let’s be clear: the actual NOAA empirical evidence, from the global temperature climate instrumental records, does not support the hypothesis that long-term changes in atmospheric CO2 levels produce rapid accelerating, dangerous global temperature changes.

The adjacent graph of 10-year CO2 change plots, and concurrent 10-year change in NOAA global temperatures, is unequivocal: there is no correlation between the two, unless one wants to argue that a r2 of 0.08 somehow indicates a strong relationship.

The whole story at ..

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