How far from science do money get scientists?

Examlpe 1;   Ben Santer’s 17 year itch, revisited – he and a whole stable of climate scientists have egg on their faces

Example 2;   Lunacy from British Doctors: “Climate Change is worse than Ebola”

Example 3;   Britain’s Green Energy Fiasco Deepens

Example 4;   United Nations Environment Programme

Example 5;   Stanford scientist claims the current pace of zero climate change is 10 times faster than any time in past 65 million years

As you can see, money can remove science from anything, it’s like magic!


UNDERSTANDING RESEARCH: What do we actually mean by research and how does it help inform our understanding of things? Today we look at the dangers of making a link between unrelated results.  

An acute and sudden lack of manmade global warming just outside my front door.


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