Sophistry, Part 1

Climate of Sophistry

So far, I have not seen any significant rebuttals to my paper which proved that there is no atmospheric greenhouse effect.  In that paper I developed the differential equation of heat flow for an arbitrary surface, based on textbook mathematics on the subject, and used data from my associate Carl Brehmer.

With that data and with the heat-flow equation, I was able to do two things: 1) predict the day-time surface high if NO greenhouse effect were present; 2) predict the night-time cooling if NO delay in cooling was present.  Both of these points were relevant to assess because they represent the two main versions of the greenhouse effect.

It is interesting to note that the atmospheric greenhouse effect doesn’t actually have a consistent description.  These two main descriptions don’t function by the same physics, and they are actually inherently mutually contradictory.  In the first case, a cold object can…

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