Urban fake-environmentalists.


MK Barton on the wind turbine scourge–stupid but also trashes the environment and kills flying things

“Ms. Barton speaks eloquently in favor of eliminating this boondoggle. Without subsidies and mandates wind would be gone.

Paul Driessen introduces Ms. Barton take it from there.

Industrial wind energy is an environmentally-destructive wealth transfer and corporate land grab. We need to rein in its privileges and excesses, says Mary Kay Barton, before more of our priceless American countryside and wildlife are destroyed. She should know. Her county in western New York State is already impacted by 308 monstrous bird-chopping machines, with many dozens more on the way along the Lake Ontario shoreline, and across rural New York State. That’s why residents have banded together to form Save Ontario Shores.” Read more .. 


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