How to falsify man made global warming

VDq6ynFkiFY  When it comes to the global warming scam, as in; Man made global warming, or man made climate change, we can use different methods to falsify the hypothesis. First, when did you last see a “green” company skyrocketing in the stock market?

Bet you haven’t .. Why is that? Don’t professional investors like to make money? Don’t they have resources to investigate the potentials? Are they low on cash so they are not able to get the best advice, best people, best knowledge about the “green” potentials?

Do they all lack money for such advice?

Another way to falsify the AGW hypothesis is by looking at historic facts. You do not have to understand science at all to end the dishonest scare, just look at the news. Example, we know (the dishonest alarmists and activists have been telling us for years) a warmer world will cause more hurricanes, tropical cyclones etc. One of the more known pathways for those storms are from west of Africa and over to the Carribean and the south states of the US and the Mexican gulf. What has happen? The storm activity are at record low, not a category 3 or higher hitting the US in 10 years, we need to go back to the Civil War for anything like it, – why?

And a third method is to look at what the UN (Greenpeace / WWF aka IPCC) has been doing. COP21 just finished in Paris, December last year. What actually came out of the summit was a worthless “agreement”, basically just a shopping list, or a Christmas wish-list .. Why?

Wasn’t there suppose to be a huge problem to solve?

Another way to falsify the man made global warming hypothesis is; According to Obama, the science is settled, right!? Then why do they need even more money for climate research?

Lastly, if there really was a problem with the climate, there would never have been any such “meeting” in Paris last year at all, – simply because the world would have come together years ago, made massive agreements, built huge amounts of nuclear power plants, instead of 1000’s of coal power plants as we see are being built all over the world today, and really made huge sacrifices in order to solve the problem.

Of course, there’s no problem to solve, the earth don’t need fixing when it comes to climate, people do. As the AGW hypothesis slowly are fading away, those few remaining pockets of resistance gets increasingly desperate, as the video from the Climate-gate-gang and the comment section under clearly illustrates.



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