How to falsify man made global warming 2

This is more about how to falsify the hypothesis of man made global warming without knowing the science, an update so to speak. Original post can be read here ..

If you don’t know climate science, if you don’t do good when it comes to logic, what about common sense?

Who’s telling the truth? One way we can draw the conclusion climate realists are telling the truth is by looking at what the alarmists respond with, or should we say, how they respond. They don’t want to address the facts, empirical data or even the science. They do not want debate and will do what ever it takes to try stop it. Ridicule, ad hom, straw man, demanding all climate realists must publish in the peer-review journals before being allowed to form an opinion. Ok, that is when they are “discussing” and a well known strategy anyone can both see and experience just by logging on to a climate discussion, example here .. and here ..

Smear and “debunking” individual scientists are also widespread, late Bob Carter, Professor Murry Salby, MIT Professor Richard Lindzen, Professor Tim Ball and even Mr. Science personally – Professor Fred S. Singer etc. The list is almost endless ..

Today i came across a new way the alarmists are trying to silence real scientists, i’ll like to point to the second paragraph in the following quote, ref.:

“In contrast, our satellite analysis has 2015 only third warmest which has also been widely reported for weeks now. I understand that the RSS satellite analysis has it 4th warmest.

And yet I have had many e-mail requests to address the new reports of warmest year on record. I’ve been reluctant to because, well, this is all old news. (Also, my blog has been under almost constant “brute force login attacks” for the last month, from a variety of IP addresses, making posting nearly impossible most days).” From Dr. Roy Spencer latest blogpost ..                     (Picture: Dr Roy Spencer at Congress hearing)Dr Roy Spencer

The warmest year on record claim is without any foundation outside the climate-models and adjusted temperature data. You can read more about that here .. here .. here .. here .. and a different take on hot or not here ..

But this is not about that, this is about how they use huge piles of money, manpower, time and resources to stop individual scientists from exposing the truth, to try to stop facts and empirical data to be published. If Dr Roy Spencer is correct when writing; “(Also, my blog has been under almost constant “brute force login attacks” for the last month, from a variety of IP addresses, making posting nearly impossible most days).”

What would be the point other than to try to stop him from posting facts, science and empirical data? And why would they do that?

If the public knew the facts ..

  • The scare would be over.
  • We would have saved USD 100’s of Billions ..
  • 100’s of Billions we could have spent on real problems.
  • The “greens” would have been prosecuted for fraud ..


What is the truth? What is evidence?




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