I love debunking “experts” using nothing but logic

An article in the New York Times (of course), October 26, 2015, are telling us:

Deadly Heat Is Forecast in Persian Gulf by 2100

Middle East

“By the end of this century, areas of the Persian Gulf could be hit by waves of heat and humidity so severe that simply being outside for several hours could threaten human life, according to a study published Monday. Because of humanity’s contribution to climate change, the authors wrote, some population centers in the Middle East “are likely to experience temperature levels that are intolerable to humans.”

The dangerously muggy summer conditions predicted for places near the warm waters of the gulf could overwhelm the ability of the human body to reduce its temperature through sweating and ventilation. That threatens anyone without air-conditioning, including the poor, but also those who work outdoors in professions like agriculture and construction.”

Read the whole story here .. (opens in new window)

So, is this right?

The negative feedbacks, which actually do exists (unlike the imaginary positive feedbacks) like evaporation, convection and cloud formation always increase where the sun shines, where it is getting warmer.

It is not a coincidence that the desert regions of the world located far from the coast lines are the warmest, – lack of water, water vapor and clouds allows it to be warmer. But even in deserts air is rising when it is being heated (water vapor rises more than 2 times faster than warm air), and air that rises leave areas of low pressure. The stronger, or bigger, low pressure areas are, more air is rising. This leads to colder and more moist air from neighboring areas being sucked in to replace the rising air. Woila, desert storms.

When whole continents are being warmed, you end up with monsuns, biggest of those systems are the monsuns in India and South America.

Lack of monsun means the area hasn’t been warmed up enough, like we saw in north Afrika during the cold 70’s, back when the dishonest, “green” activists could tell us CO2 was cooling the planet to the point of a new ice age, – The Ice-Age Scare”!

For the Middle East to become warmer, geological changes in the earth’s crusts needs to happen first.
Storms will not grow bigger either, because the earth has a fixed size and storm systems are effectively kept under control due to lack of space.



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