The effect CO2 has on temperature is only theoretical and has never been measured anywhere. Ref. “.. but the IPCC states”. IPCC are saying a lot of stuff, all based on computer models that has proven worthless through observations. Then the article goes on saying; “.. delayer argument that simply does not stand up to even the mildest scrutiny.” Citing an activist article on the 97% consensus that has long been falsified through several studies?? What a ridiculous level of “science” .. But it doesn’t stop there, the article even cite Michael Mann lol. I will not comment on the rest, just too stupid .. Instead i will cite a few REAL science papers ..















See, this is how you do it, real science cited, articles that also cite real science. There’s no evidence for AGW.  There’s no alternative to fossil fuels today except nuclear, but the “greens” doesn’t want that either. If the “greens” get their will, what will John Stewart live of? The lack of basic understanding of society is astonishing. Jon Stewart should get more educated staff, clearly he is surrounded by fools.

Claime: You wrote as your main point; “Now regarding CO2 levels. If you understand physics beyond the grade school level, you’d know that “heat trapping” in the atmosphere is synonymous with “energy trapping”, because the infrared radiation that gets reflected back to earth can raise the temperature of the atmosphere or some other feature on the earth, or it can be converted into some other form of energy. Atmospheric temperature may not move, but increased energy amounts are the real drivers.”

Answer: I’ll explain this as simple as i can and i only focus on the radiation that actual do hit the ground, heat up the ground and radiate longwave radiation back and up to the Carbon Dioxide, CO2 in the atmosphere. As long wave radiation hits the CO2 molecules, CO2 molecules absorbs the radiation, and here is the important part, when it re-emits the radiation the radiation wavelength get slightly longer and by that loses the capacity to heat, you can demonstrate it using a mirror. Put your hand very close to, but not all the way in to the mirror. The long wave radiation from your hand goes in to the mirror and are radiated back – but now the wavelength is a bit longer, – the capacity to heat your hand is lost and your hands temperature just stay unchanged. Not getting warmer. You see, if the CO2 theory was right, your hand would get warmer, and perhaps you could use mirror as a mean to trap heat.

I stress, this is simplified. And here’s the other point i would like to make. Even if there was any heat left it would simply just be lost out in to space – as you know from school, the heat doesn’t move towards heat, it goes towards cold.

The 3. point i’d like to make is that increased CO2 actually cools the planet faster precisely because of the theory you say heat the planet.

Professor Murry Salby lecture has a different approach, and Professor Gerhard Gerlich and Professor Ralf D. Tscheuschner yet another approach, but that is not all. NASA Saber project (the one i just explained to you) is the most interesting. The reason is they have actually measured that only 5% of the heat radiated from the sun gets through, 95% are being reflected back in to space immediately


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