Speculations, conspiracies and failed logic

Internet is a place for a lot of stuff and conspiracies are flourishing, Nibiru speculations are very popular. I will only comment on the science, watch the video here .. (waste of time!)


The earth’s rotation and temperature (i.e the sun) is driving the oceans currents not salinity. Salt or fresh water has no effect on ocean currents. Colder temperature is right, that seem to be what is coming as the sun gets less active. A colder temperature is not elevating the sea level, colder means less ice melt and less water going into the ocean. Even if the earth’s temperature rose by +4,7 C. (worse case scenario according to the IPCC) and remained as high, or even higher for 1000’s of years, the oceans would rise less than 10 cm. per 100 years.

2 reasons: One – the location of the ice and the vast amount of ice.

Number two, the energy (heat) required to melt all that ice is insufficient AT +4,7 C. at a faster pace, besides, the oceans are unbelievable vast and the amount of water required to rise the oceans 1 mm. is beyond belief. It is not readily done in one year no matter the reason. Earth’s rotation is slowing down as it has always done, – extremely slowly, due to the moon and tidal water. There is no mechanism for an abrupt stop in earth’s rotation and then another mechanism for picking up the speed again. A shift in the magnetic field is a constant process, as it has always been, all controlled by the sun’s magnetic fields.

Nibiru, planet-X and the rest of the video is just nonsense and a series of speculation disconnected from reality!


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