The story of two realities

What Obama Is Doing to Seal His Environmental Record


That is the fantasy world of globalization and multinational corporations and their fake and dishonest agenda of regulations and taxes ..


“I said a long time ago that this is all about creating a simulacrum of merit in order to take over (eventually global) government policy regarding everything from the economy to personal rights and freedoms, and of course the carbon credit was going to be the new currency for this global hijack of the human race.  It was the Chicken Little Strategy to global domination.

Just look at what the idiots are doing up in Canada – they actually have a position in government called “Minister of Climate Change“:

Catherine McKenna practiced competition and international trade law in Canada and Indonesia and was senior negotiator with the United Nations Peacekeeping Mission in East Timor. She also served as senior advisor on the former Chief Justice Antonio Lamer’s review of Canada’s military justice system. Catherine co-founded Canadian Lawyers Abroad, a charitable organization that works in developing countries and with Indigenous communities in Canada. She served as Executive Director of the Banff Forum, a public policy organization for young leaders. Catherine taught at the Munk School of Global Affairs. Catherine and her husband live in Ottawa with their three children. Catherine was elected on October 19, 2015 and was appointed Minister of Environment and Climate Change on November 4, 2015.

So in other words, this person has no real-world experience at all.  She has no science training or experience, no mathematics training or experience, no experience in actually running a business, no experience creating jobs or managing a company or employees, etc.  All she does is “policy”. How cute.  Who’s policy?  How can a person uneducated in the sciences and mathematics be competent to assess recommendations from so-called science advisers?  How can you vet your science advisers and what they tell you if you have no idea what they’re telling you, and you merely “trust” them?

And so isn’t it perfectly fitting that such an unmeritorious person becomes thegovernment Minister of Climate Change.” Read more ..

.. then there’s the reality they can’t use for their global agenda:

August Snows across the Nothern Hemisphere 2016, Winter Arrives Early

There’s no man made global warming!



2 thoughts on “The story of two realities

  1. In the UK we had a whole government department called the ‘Department of Energy and Climate Change’.

    Newly elected Theresa May closed it, sacked a fair number of the worthless seat-polishers and repurposed the building as the headquarters of the Department for Brexit.

    Seems there is hope…

    Incidentally, I note that the polls and pundits in the USA all seem to be calling it for Billary by around 5%. Note that on the twenty-third of June the polls, bookies and pundits all predicted that Remain would win by a comfortable 8% majority.

    So my wife and I sat up, fortified by glasses of Islay single malt, to watch the results come in on BBC TV. It was immensely to watch the attitude of the smug BBC luvvie Dimbleby change from smug, patronising satisfaction to stark horror as it became apparent that things were really not going his way at all – not even close.

    Even more gratifying the next day was watching how totally shocked the egregious Cameron was as he resigned as Prime Minister. His wife was actually in tears. Oh joy!

    A similar reversal took place at the 1992 General Election, fought between the Labour party led by Neil “Little Pillock” Kinnock and the Conservatives led by Margaret Thatcher.

    According to all the pundits and polls, Thatcher was universally hated and was going to lose to a Labour landslide. On the night of the count, Pillock and his Lefty mates were all gathered together watching the results, with the champagne on ice ready to celebrate the triumph of Socialism over the Evil Capitalists.

    Some time around 3AM they all skulked off to bed to lick their wounds.

    The Saintly Margaret had defeated Labour very comfortably.

    So I wouldn’t worry about Trump’s showing in the polls, going by what I can see of his campaign speeches, he can’t lose.

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