Why is Donald Trump important?

TrumpBrexitBREXIT Superstar, Nigel Farage, “Trump is the NEW REAGAN!”

For the economy Trump will be great, there’s no doubt about it. Decades of running his own multinational business empire successfully proves he got what it takes to get the economy steaming again. As we have seen for example in Atlanta, he doesn’t hesitate too long before ending bad businesses, to cut the losses. That is, of course, how it is suppose to be.

We have also seen him ending employments (you’re fired) on his campaign trail when that has been required. All this tells us – he got what it takes.

One of the most important policies he is suggesting, the very foundation to accomplish the rest is his energy policy.

Energy is food in the store, energy is vacation, energy is work. More energy = more work. Cheap energy = cheap work.

FULL: Donald Trump Energy Speech at Petroleum Conference in Bismarck North Dakota (5-26-16)

And also important, this will have to end the man made global warming swindle, or, as they call it, “Climate Change” (AGW).

Climate change has never been about the climate, it has always been about using the CO2-scare as an excuse for taxation, globalization and transferring power to the UN. supported by multinational corporations, special interest, the “green” industry and “environment” – organizations.

That is the reason scientific arguments or logic doesn’t work.

That is also the reason mostly the left-wing of the population is all in on this global warming scare, it’s an emotional thing for them, they do not care about facts, logic or science – Does it feel good is their concern.

As Trump said: “This very expensive global warming bs has got to stop”!

If he succeeds, the world’s economy will boost like never before in the human history!


2 thoughts on “Why is Donald Trump important?

  1. Taxation is theft from a Laissez-faire viewpoint.
    There is no such thing as authority (governance) over another from the logical perspective of self-ownership.
    Having said that, I would welcome seeing a US president that could dispell the many lies that have permeated society such as AGW.

    Excellent site – keep it up

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