Greens Request Private Sector Keep the Cash Flowing

Climate swindle about to grind to a halt. About time, this swindle have killed enough people!

Watts Up With That?


Guest essay by Eric Worrall

Greens have requested that Private Businesses step in and top up an anticipated funding shortfall of in excess of ten billion dollars per annum, when Trump cancels US government funding of climate programmes.

The Private Sector May Lead the Charge Against Climate Change During the Trump Administration

Why? Because it makes economic sense. No matter what Trump and his cabinet do, the private sector will likely forge ahead, argues Shayle Kann.

by Shayle Kann
December 15, 2016

As the inauguration of President Donald Trump approaches, the future of federal action on energy and climate change remains highly uncertain. And while nothing is set in stone, there is mounting evidence that the new administration will drastically change course from the path set out by President Obama.

While no outcome is preordained, it is probably safe to assume that the U.S. will not take significant…

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