Cow  Why don’t the “green” activists want to discuss the Anthropogenic Global Warming Theory (AGW-Theory)? Because they don’t know the physics, and the little they know, they don’t seem to understand? Or is it, the little they know, don’t support the theory?

Fact is, the pause in global temperature we are in today, and have been in for the last two decades, don’t look very scary at all. No rise in temperature despite record amount of CO2 going in to the atmosphere? How’s that possible? Wasn’t CO2 suppose to be this huge driver of global temperature? In fact, the temperature has started to fall .. Ain’t that special?

They were lying to you, they still are, – you would too if you would earn 22 billion US Dollars each year, wouldn’t you??

Wouldn’t you??




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  1. Could you add a bio about you on this page? Education, work experience and motivation for writing this blog?


    • I learned to read and write in school already as a child. Since that i’ve learned math, physics and languages.
      My interest in this came about when i’ve learned that this swindle are killing between 1300 and 2400 children under the age of 4 every day. That is the numbers that has been documented, correct numbers are most likely higher. My tool is time, logic and my reading skills, the driver is curiosity and a strong will to challenge injustice.

      My person is of no interest, focus on the message, please!

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