Boycott companies that contribute to the AGW swindle.

Senate Committee Report Details Environmentalists’ inner Workings.

Let’s start with a well known pc and printer producer, HP (Hewlett Packard) which supports the “green” fraud through Hewlett Foundation or the Packard Foundation, ref ..

Apple has a shareholder, Albert Gore, who’s been the chief swindler in the “green” fraud, I urge everyone to boycott Apple products in order to cut off the funding to the swindler, Al Gore.

Criminal “green” dishonest activist organizations people also should look closer at and boycott, is:


WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature)

Search the net for information on “green”- peace criminal activities, and the dishonest propaganda from WWF.

What is safe to say, they are not in it for anything other than money. Honest environmental groups don’t lie!

The anthropogenic global warming (AGW) swindle cost 1 billion and kill between 1300 – 2400 children every day!

“Greenpeace” fraud reaches the policies of the BBC.


2 thoughts on “Boycott companies that contribute to the AGW swindle.

  1. Whoever you are, writing this post – you hit the nail on the head!

    The therm ”climate change” has being concocted; because they are embarrassed to keep repeating ”phony global warming”
    Green groups are not interested in the ”real” climate – no climatologist talks about ”improving the climate” Why stopping it from changing; is it perfect climate now?! BECAUSE: for climatologist and ‘phony green mobs in Sahara and Amazon basin have SAME climate – because both places have SAME amount of CO2. B] nothing green about the green mobs – for green environment needs CO2+H2O they are against those molecules in the air. Actually, both camps constantly keep repeating ”positive / negative forcing” of WV = because of aggressive misleading propaganda; nobody can notice what and how makes the difference to climate in the desert and where trees are prolific = one oak-tree knows more about the REAL climate than all the green mobs including the ”climatologists”

    2]where coal power plant gets built -> in surrounding areas the trees increase; because they have more CO2 available AND more WV in the air, from the cooling towers, by which they scare people – by presenting that CO2 comes from the cooling towers, instead of water vapor. Keep on the good job!!!!

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