1875 coldest year in 10000 years and no warming for 58 years

CO2 is supposed to be this all mighty and powerful heat control knob. According to real data, not so much, in fact, according to these two stories it is totally irrelevant.

First story, 1875 was the coldest year in 10000 years

NOAA Radiosonde Data Shows No Warming For 58 Years
In their “hottest year ever” press briefing, NOAA included this graph, which stated that they have a 58 year long radiosonde temperature record. But they only showed the last 37 years in the graph. Ref.:


Here is why they are hiding the rest of the data. The earlier data showed as much pre-1979 cooling as the post-1979 warming.


“.. combined the two graphs at the same scale below, and put a horizontal red reference line in, which shows that the earth’s atmosphere has not warmed at all since the late 1950’s”



Read original story here ..

Almost all our emission of CO2 has been emitted during that time, and it is increasing exponentially, through the roof .. And the temperature didn’t even blink. It’s like CO2 just don’t work – at all, on any scale or at any level.

And even if the graphs has been changed long time ago, 1936 is still the warmest year on record.

Truth doesn’t change even if the graphs get adjusted.

Fact is, temperature is amazingly stable – Do i need to mention that our CO2 emissions doesn’t look anything like this graph, where’s the correlation?




10 thoughts on “1875 coldest year in 10000 years and no warming for 58 years

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    Look for NOAA / NASA Radiosonde Data set to be adjusted up, just as they have done with GISS and in the past week, RSS satellite data set…

    “Who controls the past controls the future; who controls the present controls the past.” (NOAA / NASA)

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